Five Planets five bright planets are about to align in the sky for the Planets Five

Five Planets five bright planets are about to align in the sky for the Planets Five

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Five Planets

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Soul Mates and the Moon. When we think about finding a soul mate, we think of someone who "gets us" on a profound emotional level-someone with whom we can share our darkest secrets, our hopes and dreams. Like a mother goddess, our soul mate accepts us unconditionally. He or she nurtures and loves us no matter what happens. In other words, when we dream of finding a soul mate, we are tuning in to the energy of the Moon!

The New Moon and Full Moon. The New Moon and Full Moon are very special culminations points of power in the dance between the male and female, because they involve the conjunction of Sun and Moon in the New Moon and the opposition of both in the Full Moon.

The hydrothermal vents on Earth's seafloor shoot out mineral-laden, hot fluid. This sustains some very unusual and unique forms of life--such as the wavy, wormish tubeworms--and other creatures that are able to thrive in this strange environment. Microbes can convert mineral-laden fluid into metabolic energy, making these ecosystems possible--both on Earth's seafloor and elsewhere.