Jupiter’s Moon Io

Gábor is seen selling one of the referrals to a refugee who had been in Aryan’s group and who uses the name of Aryan’s father, using the documents he had stolen from the Dashnis during the chaotic border crossing. It is also shown that Aryan’s father is one of the many refugees who drowned during the border crossing. When Gábor comes to the ward and tries to examine Aryan, he begins to levitate again. Shocked and fascinated, Gábor helps Aryan flee the camp and makes him an offer: Gábor will bring Aryan to Budapest, where he will play a spiritual healer and use Aryan as an assistant who will show off his new talents to impress their patients/victims. They will share the money earned, and once they made enough money Gábor will help Aryan find his father.