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Monkey Astronaut Joke funny banana pictures freaking news Monkey Joke Astronaut

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Monkey Astronaut Joke

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I found that this was true with most fish species and the activity level of fish is largely due to what the weather and moon are doing at the time that you go fishing. In other words I discovered that I could use the weather and moon to my advantage when I was fishing. I began to think back to the times that I had experienced amazing days fishing. The kind of days where it seemed as if no matter what I did, I caught fish, and not only did I catch fish but those fish tended to be larger than "average". Have you ever experienced this kind of day while fishing?

In addition, the newly collected data derived from the GRAIL mission helps astronomers redefine the late heavy bombardment--a proposed episode that occurred about 4 billion years ago, during which a heavy shower of projectiles pelted the bodies of the inner Solar System, including Earth and its beloved Moon, creating heavy lunar cratering in the process. The concept of the late heavy bombardment is primarily based on the ages of massive near-side craters that are either within, or adjacent to, dark, lava-flooded basins (lunar maria), that are named Oceanus Procellarum and Mare Imbrium. However, the composition of the material existing on and below the surface of the lunar near-side indicates that the temperatures beneath this area are not representative of Earth's Moon as a whole at the time of the late heavy bombardment. The difference in the temperature profiles may have caused scientists to overestimate the amount of crater-excavating projectiles that characterized the late heavy bombardment. New studies by GRAIL scientists indicate that the size distribution of impact craters on the lunar far-side is a more accurate reflection of the crater-forming history of the inner Solar System than those pock-marking the near-side.

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