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NASA Culture pop culture savvy spacecraft nasa NASA Culture

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Beneath The Icy Crust Of Enceladus. The research paper written by scientists with the Cassini mission, published in the journal Science, suggests the presence of hydrogen gas. Hydrogen gas, that could potentially provide a chemical energy source for life, is pouring into the subsurface ocean of Enceladus from hydrothermal activity on the seafloor of this bewitching, distant moon-world.

Furthermore, the icy stuff that collected on Methone's surface could even be more lightweight than that which lies beneath. It is possible that such fluffy, snowy, stuff can actually flow--at least over long periods of thousands to millions of years--thus filling in the tell-tale scars of impact craters.

Moon Boots are a winter essential. What exactly are they? Moon Boots are a water resistant or water proof form of footwear that are made from lightweight materials with a specialised thermal lining that can keep the feet and calf warm in temperatures reaching -35oC. The heel and sole of the boot enhance comfort and stability while the sole adds extra warmth due to its own insulating property. These features make them ideal in snow and cold weather conditions. Their appearance reflects an oversize, fancy and snug gumboot.