Nml Red Giant nasa creates star dust here on earth for the first time Nml Red Giant

Nml Red Giant nasa creates star dust here on earth for the first time Nml Red Giant

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Nml Red Giant

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A billion years ago, our Moon was closer to Earth than it is now. As a result, it appeared to be a much larger object in the sky. During that ancient era, if human beings had been around to witness such a sight, it would have been possible to see the entire Moon--not merely the one near side face that we see now. A billion years ago, it took our Moon only twenty days to orbit our planet, and Earth's own day was considerably shorter--only eighteen hours long. Stupendous, almost unimaginably enormous tides, that were more than a kilometer in height, would ebb and flow every few hours. However, things changed, as the lunar orbit around our primordial planet grew ever wider and wider. Annually, Earth's Moon moves about 1.6 inches farther out into space. Currently, the lunar rate of rotation, as well as the time it takes to circle our planet, are the same.

Dr. Thomas and his team at Cornell University have tried to peer into the mysterious interior of the weird little Space egg that is Methone. They started out with the hypothesis that Saturn's relentless strong gravity pulls the little moon into an elongated shape, just like Earth's own large Moon raises ocean tides on our own planet. Then the team went on to calculate how dense the little moon would have to be for its own gravity to counteract those intense tidal forces and create its strange egg-shape.

The waning of the moon is the period that runs between the Full Moon and the New Moon. It supports the energy of letting go, releasing, moving away from situations you've outgrown. It is a great time for working heavily on any releasement work such as clearing addictions and difficulties. It is also the perfect time to do a Spring Cleaning, going through your things and throwing out anything you no longer use, getting your hair cut, in fact, anything to do with getting rid of stuff.