The Faceless Black Hole Movie

In March 2012, guitarist Steve Jones left the band and was replaced by Wes Hauch, leaving Keene as the last founding member still in the band. Keene stated that “he’s moved in a different direction than us and we wish him good luck in his ventures. ” Keene has also stated[when?] that the addition of Hauch gave the band some fresh energy, praising Hauch to be “one of the finest guitar players I’ve ever had the privilege of playing with, he’s really amazing. ” Keene wrote Autotheism almost entirely while being the only member of the band, with the exception of track “Ten Billion Years” which was brought to the table by Wes Hauch and rewritten together between Hauch and Keene, keeping a large portion of Hauch’s original arrangement with some Faceless signature elements added.